On the land


There is a natural trail halfway up that goes around the entire island, with stone pathways leading down to all the beaches. The beaches are a mix of sandy and/or small stones.  The larger back beach is free of any major buildings, open to the ocean and during low tide makes for a beautiful and scenic walk along its shores.


Iris Island offers 3 saltwater rock pools that are enclosed by stone walls, allowing protected swimming areas. The front beach is surrounded by a stone wall which during high tide fills with seawater and becomes a gigantic swimming pool over 120 meters in length.

On the back side of the island, there is a beautiful natural beach with small stones and access to a beautiful reef. Excellent for bathing or snorkeling.


Go for a unique workout at our outdoor natural “Jungle Gym” complete with wooden dumbbells and barbells, benches, chin-up bars and pull downs using ropes and rocks for weights.


The SHANTI SPA VILLA is available to all guests. It offers a variety of massage treatments, natural therapies and Ayurveda.


Iris Island Resort offers individual Yoga sessions (only during peak months)


At the Iris Island Resort we place a high importance on Meditation and offer evening meditation sessions on request.


In our reception house you will find a variety of souvenirs, t-shirts, eco products, books, and spiritual products available to purchase.


Our three pavilion clifftop restaurant is open to all guests.  It stands on a cliff with breathtaking panoramic views. Buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner are included in your accommodation price, along with all day free water, coffee, tea.  A great place to relax, have a drink or coffee and enjoy your meal.


Iris Island Resort is the only island resort in the world that cooks their food predominantly using just the sun.  Abiding by our sincere eco commitment to reduce the use of fossil fuels, we have incorporated and installed special solar ovens and solar cookers on the roof of our restaurant kitchen.

Sample our solar cooking in our clifftop restaurant.  We try to cook as much as possible using these solar ovens. These fantastic appliances utilize only the sun for cooking.  This method is not only healthier but many see foods cooked by the sun as full of healing energy or “prana”