Read Before You Book


  1. On Iris Island you cannot buy water in plastic bottles but we offer free clean filtered water from a local natural spring.
  2. There is no air conditioning on the island, but natural grass roofs on all buildings, location by the ocean and fans in your room powered by solar energy keep you adequately cool on most days and nights. On some nights you may even need a blanket.
  3. There is usually ample hot water to all the villas fueled by passive solar water heaters.
  4. On Iris Island please do not use your own shampoo, conditioner or other soaps and detergents unless they are biodegradable but bathrooms in each villa are supplied with biodegradable shampoos, conditioners and soaps.
  5. Most of the cooking on the island is done by the sun. As there are times when it is cloudy, this may affect the time and availability of some hot dishes. However during our season from November to May, there is usually sun on most days. Please be patient with us as we strive to provide you with excellent meals while at the same time trying to reduce the use of fossil fuels as much as possible.
  6. Each villa has its own solar panel, battery storage and charge controller. This means that each villa is independent and has its own power source. This power is not unlimited. We do not use diesel generators to charge the batteries. There is a battery monitor on the wall in your room that displays the percentage of battery power available and should not go lower than 70 percent. On most days the solar panel is more than adequate and will charge up the battery to 100 percent. This however, all depends on your power consumption. Please exercise responsible use of power consumption in your room during your stay. Do not leave the fan or the lights on when you are out. Reduce your power consumption when you are nearing 70 percent on your battery monitor.
  7. There is one 230Volt AC plug in your villa and can be used to charge laptops and other low wattage devices. Hairdryers and other high wattage devices cannot be used. There are 2 DC plugs with a 12 volt plug which are used for the fan in the room. There are also USB plugs which can be used to charge your tablets, cell phones, digital cameras, shavers etc.
  8. We ask that you not litter and to please take all your garbage with you if possible when you leave the island.
  9. Each bathroom on the island has a special composting toilet which is self-contained. If you have never seen a composting toilet you may have questions or reservations about its use. It is very easy and sanitary. Use the toilet as you would a normal toilet however there is no flushing of the toilet as they are waterless. Your average toilet at home uses about 2 gallons of water per flush and accounts for about a third of all water consumption in a normal household. On Iris Island, due to our eco commitment and the plain fact that water is a scarce commodity that should not be wasted, we have incorporated waterless composting toilets that do not use any water at all.
  10. The composting toilet sits higher than a regular toilet and there is a step for your feet. Our housekeeping staff will rotate the drums of the composting toilet on a daily basis, add enzymes and a peat moss mixture that will quicken the composting time and aerate the waste material. There should be no odor as a vacuum pipe draws the air out of the toilet bowl and up and out to the atmosphere.
  11. Each bathroom is equipped with a small bottle of biodegradable toilet enzyme cleaner which you can use to spray and clean the toilet bowl as you would a normal toilet. Please do not throw anything else other than toilet paper into the toilet bowl otherwise this will interfere with the natural composting process.
  12. All villas are non-smoking rooms
  13. All villas have a king size poster bed or single beds with attached mosquito nets that breathe and allows air through from the fan during warm nights. Additional single sofa beds and rooms with kid’s bunk beds can also be arranged with mosquito nets.
  14. Please note that since we offer only full board, room rates are based on the number of persons, not by room or villa.
  15. Minimum stay is 2 nights
  16. Our web site rates include special offers such as free one-way van and boat transfer pickup to the island from either Coron town or Coron/Busuanga airport if you book for 3 nights and free both-way van and boat transfers if you book for 4 nights or more.
  17. The latest pickup time from Coron/Busuanga airport or from Coron town is 5pm.
  18. Check-in is from 2pm-6pm and Check-out is from 6am to 12noon.
  19. Rates include breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets and free all day filtered water (without ice), coffee, tea and cocoa. Soft drinks, juices, shakes, specialty coffees, alcohol and snacks are available at any time but are not included in your accommodation price.
  20. Breakfast buffet is open from 7-9am, lunch buffet from 12-1:30pm and dinner buffet from 5:30-7pm
  21. If you have any special dietary needs please advise us beforehand and we will try if possible to accommodate them.
  22. On your arrival day, lunch is not included as Check-in is at 2pm.
  23. On departure day, lunch is not included as Check-out is at 12noon.
  24. Earliest departure time from the island is 6am
  25. It is recommended to depart the island 3 hours before your flight time.
  26. It is recommended that you not book an earlier flight than 9am on your departure day.
  27. There is an extra charge of 50USD per adult /25USD per child for late checkout after 3pm to 5pm. This late checkout charge includes the lunch buffet.
  28. Iris Island Eco Resort is on its own tropical island and there is only 1 restaurant on the premises.
  29. There are no ATM machines on the island. We accept credit cards, (Visa and Mastercard) and PayPal. We accept cash in USD, EUR, GBP and PHP.
  30. Please be advised that there is an extra 5 percent charge for credit card payments.
  31. There is free limited WIFI in the restaurant only.
  32. There are no drones allowed on or around the island as we respect our guest´s privacy and desire for tranquility.
  33. To ensure the safety and quality for our guests, all boat excursions or day trips can only be organized by the resort.
  34. Please note: rates, taxes and conditions on other online booking sites may vary from our rates published on this site

No Risk Reservation and Cancellation policy (revised due to COVID-19):

A reservation deposit of 1 night is required to book your stay after your booking reservation is confirmed. The deposit can be made by bank transfer, credit card or by PayPal. We will send you details. The balance for your stay can be paid at the resort. If you cancel your confirmed resort reservation less than 7 days before your check-in date or you do not show up on your reservation date, your reservation deposit will not be refunded.

For cancellation advised in writing 7 days or more before your check-in date, your first-night accommodation deposit is fully refundable or we can hold on to your deposit until you change your reservation to a different date.