Spirituality is one of the three important themes on the island, along with Ecology and Natural Medicine.

Our goal is to ensure that you have the opportunity for daily meditation, times of reflection, exercise yoga, mantra singing and other spiritual lectures and activities that will reduce the burden of stress in your life and bring you closer to an understanding of who you are and your purpose in this life.

At Iris Island Resort we welcome guests who follow any religion or no religion. Everyone is welcome. Guests can or do not have to partake in any spiritual activities we offer.  We only ask that people respect quiet times on the island especially during meditation sessions.

We can only hope that your time on Iris Island will be spiritually rewarding and a wonderful learning experience and that you will feel rejuvenated to instill peace and harmony in your life even after you leave the island.


At Iris Island Resort we offer meditation sessions (usually in the evening) on request which are free to all guests. At times this may include in addition the reciting of chants and mantras, spiritual lectures and other activities. These sessions are all free.


We offer individual yoga sessions (at a cost) only during peak months of the year.


On occasion we organize special spiritual retreats that are held on the island, please check periodically under Special Offers for more information


Throughout the island you will find several Buddhist or Hindu statues and other spiritual themes.  They are meant to represent universal peace and harmony, symbols that everyone is accepted on Iris Island, religious or non-religious. We all share one goal in common, we all strive for happiness and contentment and we believe this is possible through self-reflection, meditation, natural medicine, living ecologically in symbiosis with nature and nurturing our mind, body and spirit.

Lectures and seminars

On occasion, speakers will be invited to speak on spiritual topics or put on special spiritual seminars. You are invited to attend.  Please check our Special Offers section for news

Plan your own retreat for your group

Are you part of a group who would like to have their own spiritual retreat on the island?  We would be happy to assist you in your plans, including, accommodation, activities and special meals.