Iris Island is small enough to give you the feeling that you really are on your own island away from it all, while large enough to walk and explore its entire perimeter and be alone if you need to be. The island is about 5 hectares in size and the peak reaches 46m above sea level.  There are beautiful views from every side of the island and from each villa, some with views of the nearby islands and others with views right out to Coron Island in the distance. There are more than 20 islands within an hour’s reach, some inhabited and others not. The large island of Lajo, largely uninhabited is only about 700 meters from us, and home to wild monkeys and many other species.

There is a natural trail halfway up that goes around the entire island, with stone pathways leading down to all the beaches. The beaches are a mix of sandy and/or small stones.  The front beach is enclosed by a protective reinforced stone wall that is over 120 meters in length. During high tide it becomes a giant salt water swimming pool with excellent protection from waves or storms, sea urchins and other intrusive species.  Below the restaurant there are two other smaller stone wall enclosed beaches.  The larger back beach is free of any major buildings, open to the ocean and during low tide makes for a beautiful and scenic walk along its shores.

There are several coconut palm trees along the front beach, and you will find many narra (hardwood) trees, cashew trees, banana, bamboo and other tropical plants and trees

The restaurant is built on a cliff, and includes 3 pavilions each with magnificent views.  The pier is 90 meters long and there is a small hut at the end with benches to sit and just relax as well as ladder access for snorkeling or swimming.  There is a common area along the main path made of local natural materials ideal for yoga sessions, meetings or group activities or just to relax and read.

A spa villa is located above the reception area where you can indulge in massage and other natural therapies.