Under the water


The island is almost totally surrounded by one of the best coral reefs in Busuanga, where you can see hundreds of fish and marine species, including sea turtles and giant clams.  Bring your own mask, fins and snorkel or rent them from our reception area.

Snorkel to the cliff area of the island where you can see our giant 4 meter Buddha statues including the “Pearl of Wisdom Buddha” the only one of its kind in the world.

Day trips aboard our Iris Island “Bangka” boat also go to popular local snorkeling destinations.


Iris Island is one of the few resorts around that has rock pools that protect swimmers from waves, storm surges, jellyfish and other unwanted marine life.  This allows our guests to enjoy a fantastic swimming experience, during high tide when the area fills with sea water.  Our large rock pool surrounding the front beach is over 120 meters in length.  Also safe for children with a sandy bottom.  Outside the rock wall, it is recommended to either wear fins while snorkeling or protective footwear while swimming as there are many sea urchins, sharp corals and other hazards. You can swim around the entire island, stop and explore the beaches or even to the neighboring island which is only about 700 meters away.


For those who would like to participate in a dive using scuba equipment, we can organize it so you can see one or more of the famous sunken World War II wrecks. In fact one of the most popular sunken wreck dives is just minutes away from our island. A few of our neighboring resorts specialize in diving, rent dive equipment and have very experienced guides and we can arrange with them your pickup and return back to the island.

For more information about diving, see this link: Scuba Diving.


Only about 20 meters out from the shore of the “Bay of Buddhas” and situated at a depth of only 4 to 5 meters on the bottom of the ocean floor, you will find the “Secret Underwater Temple.” You can view it simply by snorkeling on the surface, or dive down a few meters and explore it more closely. Consisting of several Buddhist statues and temple arcs, it makes for a wonderful, spiritual snorkeling experience.