Restaurant and Dining


Our restaurant is built on a cliff overlooking the ocean with magnificent panoramic views from any of its 3 pavilions. From the restaurant you can also view our 4 meter high Buddha statues down below. Free WIFI is available in the restaurant area as well as some universal plugs with 220-230V power for charging your laptops and other devices. There is one public restroom.


The restaurant kitchen utilizes a specially designed roof for its solar ovens  on the island. Please be patient with meals as time and availability of certain meals will depend on the weather.

Iris Island Resort is the only island resort in the world that cooks their food predominantly using just the sun.  Abiding by our sincere eco commitment to reduce the use of fossil fuels, we have incorporated and installed special solar ovens and solar cookers on the roof of our restaurant kitchen.

Sample our solar cooking in our clifftop restaurant.  We try to cook as much as possible using these solar ovens. These fantastic appliances utilize only the sun for cooking.  This method is not only healthier but many see foods cooked by the sun as full of healing energy or “prana”


Included in your accommodation price are daily buffets depending on occupancy, a morning buffet, lunch buffet and a dinner buffet.

Foods often include delicious vegetarian dishes, rice dishes, pasta, fish and seafood, chicken, salads, fruit and deserts. Water (without ice), coffee, tea, and hot chocolate are available for free all day and evening for our guests. Soft drinks, alcohol, ice drinks and light snacks and deserts. Special meal requests can be made in advance for larger groups.


Although this may appear strange to some of our guests, please note we do not sell water in bottles on the island in order to keep up with our ecological commitment to reduce unnecessary waste. There are more than 50 billion PET water bottles consumed every year in the world. The environmental impact is enormous.  These bottles pollute our oceans and waterways and pollute our soil. On Iris Island we are trying to reduce this amount even if in a small way.

Our water comes from a local natural island spring and is then filtered and of the best quality. We feel this water has healing energy that you will never find in plastic bottles.

Water (without ice) is free with your accommodation as well as water filters located in each villa, and in the restaurant. If you wish to have water with ice, there is a small charge. The small charge for ice is not for us to make money on ice but to limit the amount of ice as our freezers run on solar power only and capacity is limited.

Coffee, tea, and hot chocolate are available for free all day and evening for our guests.  Soft drinks, alcohol, ice drinks and special coffees can be purchased any time from 7am to 10pm.


Light snacks can be purchased any time from 7am to 10pm.